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Work, Protective & Safety Gloves Liverpool

At Blakes Workplace Solutions, we prioritise your safety and well-being and that's why our gloves are engineered with the highest standards of protection in mind. We stock a range of industrial gloves which are designed to shield your hands from a wide range of chemicals and hazardous substances commonly encountered in various industries. The materials used in these gloves offer excellent resistance to acids, solvents, oils and other potentially harmful substances, keeping your hands safe from chemical contact. Nitrile gloves are known for their durability and puncture resistance. They are less prone to punctures and tears compared with latex gloves, making them suitable for tasks that involve sharp objects or rough surfaces.

Our rigger gloves offer excellent hand protection against a variety of hazards, including rough surfaces, sharp objects and heavy loads. Accidents happen, but our gloves are built to withstand them. With advanced materials and construction techniques, these gloves provide impressive cut and puncture resistance, reducing the risk of injury from sharp objects and abrasive surfaces. Certain industries involve heavy-duty tasks where impacts and vibrations are a concern. Our gloves feature specialised padding and reinforcement in critical areas to mitigate the impact of heavy blows, preventing potential hand injuries.

We stock grip workwear gloves, designed to provide an improved grip on various surfaces and objects in both wet and dry conditions. Grip gloves are designed with materials that offer excellent traction and friction. The enhanced grip of these gloves prevents slippage and minimises the risk of dropping or losing control of objects, reducing the chances of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

We also have a selection of gauntlet gloves. The defining feature of our gauntlet protective gloves is their extended cuff, which offers coverage beyond the wrist. The extended length serves to protect the lower forearm and provides a barrier against potential hazards that might reach beyond the wrist area. Our arm protection sleeves act as a barrier against many potential hazards, including sharp objects and splashes of chemicals or hot liquids.

For industries dealing with extreme temperatures, we have industrial gloves that offer exceptional thermal insulation. Whether you're handling hot or cold objects, these protective gloves act as a barrier, providing you with the necessary protection against temperature-related risks.

Protection is not just about materials; it's also about how the gloves fit and feel. Our workwear gloves are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, reducing the risk of hand fatigue and improving overall performance. All our reusable gloves meet or exceed industry standards and certifications, guaranteeing that you are getting reliable protection. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the challenges of their target working environments.

With our reusable gloves, you can confidently face the challenges of your industry, knowing that you have the utmost protection at your fingertips. Prioritise your safety and invest in gloves that are specifically designed to keep you shielded from potential hazards, enhancing your peace of mind while you work.

In addition to reusable gloves, we also stock packs of disposable work gloves in Liverpool, which are chemical-resistant and puncture-resistant whilst still being soft and flexible for better sensitivity. Our disposable gloves conform to a wide range of European medical, food and protection standards. These gloves are suitable for use in the chemical, medical or food industries.

If you are looking for work gloves in Liverpool, Blakes Workwear Solutions will be happy to provide you with the help you need to find precisely what you are looking for.

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